Carriage Rules

In order not to have any problems in the airport please be sure that all the rules of our airline are fulfilled.

If you are flying with a child

You make take a child under 2 years without a separate seat for free, for an additional seat for a child under 12 years a 50% reduction of the adult fare is offered.

Flying when pregnant

Please note that flights may harm a pregnant woman and a fetus. That’s why we set up claims to flying when pregnant:

  • Mandatory consultation with a physician of possible contraindications before the flight.
  • An affirmation which must not be older than 7 days on the day of the flight.
  • Women with a pregnancy of less than 32 weeks must have a prenatal record and permission to fly without an escort.
  • Women with a pregnancy of 32 to 36 weeks must have a prenatal record, permission to fly and should be accompanied by a doctor or health care professional.
  • Carriage of parturient women, newborn babies in the first 7 days after birth and women with a pregnancy of more than 36 weeks is prohibited.

For infants born prematurely a medical certificate confirming the safety of their transportation is required.

Airline shall not be liable to the passengers for the adverse consequences that may occur during or as a result of a flight.

Particular cases

If you wish to travel with your pet, please inform us of your intention and issue a medical certificate ofr the pet.

Heroes of socialist labor and Full Cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory have priority queuing.

Reasons of denial of carriage

  • violation of rules of conduct on board, the security threat to other passengers
  • failure to comply with the orders of the crew
  • bullying behavior, fighting, physical abuse
  • intimidation or threat
  • intentional damage to “IrAero” property
  • the use of emergency equipment without instructions from the crew
  • drug use and smoking on board
  • state of health, threatening your personal safety as well as other people on board

Restrictions to carriage of passengers

  • We do not accept litter patients on board the aircraft CRJ-200.
  • There should be no more than one passenger in the folding wheelchair on board.
  • Unaccompanied children under 12 years are carried only on direct flights.
  • There should be a special permit on seedlings of plants.
  • Weight of hand baggage should be not more than 5 kg.
  • Transportation of sports equipment:
    • one set of skis, snowboards up to 20 kg is carried free of charge,
    • each additional set is fully charged as excess baggage,
    • there must be no more than 2 bicycles on board and only disassembled.
  • You may carry pets weighing up to 5 kg in a special container. There should be not more than 2 pets on board. Pets weighing more than 6 kg are transported in a container in the luggage compartment.
  • Radio- and video equipment weighing up to 10 kg is carried free of charge.
  • Baggage should not exceed 30 kg.
  • For children under 2 years without a separate seat it is permitted to carry 10 kg of luggage.

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